COVID-19 Protocols

Campgrounds & Cabins Reopening Protocols

Effective Wednesday, May 13, 2020 until further notice

1. All camping units will be allowed at Pammel Park and Criss Cove campgrounds beginning 5/13/20

2. On-site self-registration transactions are to be done while maintaining physical distancing

  • Campers shall use the pay box to make payment

3. Campground restrooms and showers will be open with elevated sanitation schedule

4. Total number of people at each campsite is limited to 6 people and proper physical distancing is to be maintained at all times.

5. Access to campground and campsites will be restricted to paid campers only – NO VISITORS PERMITTED and will be enforced by Park staff.

6. Restrooms will be posted to advise the following:

  • Campers with self-contained campers encouraged to use restroom/shower facilities in their camping units
  • Limit of 2 people at any given time in Men’s & Women’s bathrooms
  • Foaming hand soap will be provided in restrooms with running water.

7. Restrooms and showers to be closed as needed for sanitizing:

  • Restrooms, including shower stalls, will be cleaned twice daily
  • Restrooms to be closed to public access while park staff clean the restrooms

8. Yurt Cabins will be open for use, but will be closed following each rental period for sanitizing:

  • Approved disinfectants will be utilized to clean all cabin surfaces and furnishings
  • 3-day “block-out” period (Mon-Wed) will be utilized between cabin rentals

9. Signage will be maintained at dump stations encouraging the use of vinyl/nitrile gloves and/or hand sanitizer.

10. Firewood sales may be provided with the following requirements

  • Physical distancing required between the campground host and campers.
  • Campers will not be allowed to enter inside the firewood shelter

11. All staff and hosts should wear protective gloves when handling registration envelopes and money transactions and shall wait 24 hours prior to processing pay envelopes

12. Playgrounds will remain closed

13. Shelter house usage is restricted to groups of 10 or less and proper physical distancing is to be maintained at all times.