Madison County River Alliance

The Madison County River Alliance was established as a formal river advocate organization in 2007 to promote both the recreational value of rivers as well as highlighting the cultural, historic, and environmental aspects of Iowa’s river system, especially the many rivers found within Madison County.

Our primary mission is to educate our Madison County residents about the environmental and economic importance of our local river systems. Our primary goal to achieve this mission has been to give people an opportunity to get on the water and gain first-hand knowledge of their aquatic ecosystems.  Our initial efforts centered around our annual Middle River Cleanup and have branched off into varied recreational paddling opportunities on our rivers, streams and lakes, including Full-Moon evening paddles and exploring other rivers and Water Trails throughout Iowa.

Check back for more information about future events.  We also include information about events on the Outdoor page of the Winterset Madisonian, and on the Madison County Conservation Board’s Facebook Page.  To learn more, or be added to the email list, contact

Annual Middle River Cleanup

Full Moon Floats