Special Services

Numerous special services are provided to the public by the Board staff that include, but not limited to, environmental education programming, private land-owner consultation for habitat improvement projects, timber-stand improvement plans, guidance to cost-share assisted land management programs.

The Madison County Conservation Board provides a variety of professional land management consultant services to local landowners. The staff also provides seasonal environmental education programs and are available for on-call programs and presentations to local groups and organizations.

Land Management Consulting

Steve Pearson, Natural Resource Specialist with the Conservation Board, heads up a comprehensive program that provides local property owners with professional planning, establishment and management services for habitat development and maintenance on private lands. Steve works very closely with the staff of the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), assisting with habitat plans and establishments for CRP, WRP, Contour Buffers, Riparian Buffers and much more. Some of our services include, but are not limited to the following:

Prairie Grass Plantings/Prairie Grass Management (weed control & burn plans, etc).

Cool Season Grass Wildlife Plantings Wildlife Food Plot Plantings Tree Planting (plans, species selection).

  • Wildlife Plantings Plans
  • Wind Breaks Plans
  • Field Breaks Plans
  • Timber Stand Improvement Plans