Trails/Park Maps

There are over 20 miles of groomed trails in Madison County parks. Come explore our trails that meander through tall grass prairies, woodlands carpeted with wild-flowers, shore-line wetlands and limestone ridges that overlook beautiful river valleys. Trails provide an excellent means to passively enjoy your County Parks throughout the year. Trails are open year round for hiking and cross country skiing. All trails in Madison County Parks are for pedestrian use only. Motorized vehicles, bicycles and equestrian uses are prohibited. For more information about each of the parks listed below go to Parks.

Parks With Hiking Trails

Hanson Prairie Preserve

Hiking: A walking trail encircles the prairies on both sides of Cedar Creek.

Middle River Park

Hiking and Cross Country Skiing: Park visitors can use both the hard-surfaced trail system and park road system to hike on. During the winter the road system is closed, but open for hiking and cross country skiing.

Goeldner Woods

Hiking and Cross Country Skiing: The upper loop is located adjacent to the picnic grounds and remains primarily on level ground in the upper elevation of the park. The lower loop trail explores the side slopes and river bottom timber and traverses steeper gradients.

Fellowship Forest

Hiking and Cross Country Skiing: Trails meander through the west half of the park. Trail head is located on the north end of the pond dam. The trail is approximately 1 mile in length and remains fairly level throughout.

Criss Cove

Hiking: Trail circles through the west half of the park, providing a convenient connection between the campground area and the pond.

Clanton Creek Natural Resource Area

Hiking: A five mile trail system transects this entire wildlife area. Trail markers are set every ΒΌ mile providing the user with a good measure of distance traveled. Trail heads are located in the Deer Creek Unit parking lot and also on the Clanton Unit east parking lot.

Pammel State Park

Hiking and Cross Country Skiing: Three trail systems provide a variety of adventure for users; Backbone-Trail, Lodge-Trail and Interpretive-Trail.