Madison County Conservation will permit geocaching in keeping with its mission to provide opportunities for safe recreational activities. Persons will be permitted to place a cache in MCCB lands by adhering to the following requirements.

Prior to placement of any cache within the boundaries of all properties under the jurisdiction of the Madison County Conservation Board, all persons shall;

  1. File a Geocache Placement Permit approved and signed by the Madison County Conservation (MCCB) before posting the cache on a geocaching web site.
  2. At minimum, Cache Listing Requirements/Guidelines developed by Groundspeak and posted at must be followed when developing a cache.
  3. All local and state laws apply.
  4. The cache container must be clearly marked on the outside with, along with the name of the cache. The cache description must include the following:
    • The geocache is a Cache In Trash Out (CITO) area.
    • Hunting is allowed in many Madison County parks and wildlife areas at seasonal times of the year.
    • A note saying that the cache is registered with the Madison County Conservation Board.
  5. If the cache owner removes the cache he/she shall notify the MCCB.
  6. MCCB, through its director or designee, reserves the right to terminate this approval for placement of a geocache on MCCB land for any reason at any time. Caches not in compliance with the terms of this permit will be removed from the property and the permit voided for failure to comply.
  7. It is required that the cache owner monitor this cache every two months and you maintain it to be family friendly. This means the cache shall contain no food, alcohol, firearms, drugs, dangerous items or adult items. In addition, no animal/plant/mineral material is to be removed from the park lands for the purpose of placing such in the Geocache.
  8. People seeking your cache shall be directed to follow established trails most of the way to your cache. Off trail hiking is discouraged as it negatively impacts the environment.
  9. Caches are off limits in prairie areas where prescribed burning may occur, as well other non- listed areas that are deemed environmentally fragile.
  10. Geocache cannot be placed:
    • Anywhere on the premises of the HQ/Operations Center (office site in Winterset)
    • Anywhere on the premises of the Operations center area at Pammel Park (House, shop and storage yard area)
    • Within the campgrounds & cabin area at Pammel Park
    • Within the campgrounds at Criss Cove
    • Within or attached to shelters, bathrooms or any other buildings/structures
    • Attached to signs, sign posts, trail markers, grills, tables, vehicle bridges, footbridges, docks, etc.
    • Attached to trees, shrubs, bushes, etc., (dead or alive) by use of nails, screws, wire, etc. Exception: they will be allowed to be hidden within natural cavities of trees and small caches may hung on a branch with cord/string.
    • Within maintained landscape beds.
    • In or immediately adjacent to roadways & parking lots

Madison County Geocache Trails:

Pammel Park Lodge Trail:
Cache 1: E 409876 N 4571953
Cache 2: E 409888 N 4571713
Cache 3: E 409831 N 4571229
Cache 4: E 409624 N 4571374
Cache 5: E 409706 N 4571524

Pammel Park Backbone Trail:
Cache 1: E 410359 N 4571944
Cache 2: E 410115 N 4572139
Cache3: E 410487 N 4571935
Cache 4: E 410579 N 4571847
Cache 5: E 410488 N 4571813

Middle River Park:
Bluebird: E 4155995 N 4574382
Cache 2: E 415832 N 4574430
Cache 3: E 415870 N 4574557
Cache 4: E 415969 N 4574658
Cache 5: E 415834 N 4574821

Fellowship Forest:
Bluebird House: E 410739 N 4570046
Cache 2: E 410758 N 4570149
Cache 3: E 410795 N 4570284
Cache 4: E 410805 N 4570437
Cache 5: E 410917 N 4570279