Public Hunting

Most of the public hunting ground managed by the Madison County Conservation Board is comprised of high quality upland timber habitat that provides hunters with some of the best quality hunting experiences for White-Tailed deer and Eastern Wild Turkey found anywhere in the State of Iowa. Public Hunting is allowed at the following County Parks: Clanton Creek Natural Resource Area, Fellowship Forest, Jensen Marsh, Guye Woods and Goeldner Woods.

Each public hunting area is listed below with a detailed description of the types of habitat found in the park and the best type of hunting to be experienced.

Jensen Marsh

Jensen Marsh is located approximately 3 miles south of Bevington. This 190 acre wildlife area, although not our largest in size, contains the most diverse and possibly highest quality natural resource systems of all our natural areas. Habitat types include 80 acres of wetlands, 40 acres of tall-grass prairie and 60 acres of upland timber. Excellent site for waterfowl, deer, turkey and squirrel hunting.

Clanton Creek Natural Resource Area (CCNA)

Clanton Creek is located approximately 3 miles southeast of East Peru. This 1,115 acre wildlife area is made up of three adjoining management units from west to east and identified by the following names: Deer Creek Unit (120 acres), Sawyer Unity (400 Acres)Turkey Ridge Unit (275 acres) and Clanton Unit (320 acres). The primary habitat is upland oak/hickory forest with terrain that varies from gently rolling to steep ravines. Other habitats present are ridge top tall-grass prairies, small wetlands and cool season nesting grasslands with 25 year old tree plantings. Excellent site for deer turkey, and squirrel hunting. Fair for pheasant and quail and other small game.

Fellowship Forest

Fellowship Forest is located approximately 4 miles southwest of Winterset in the southwest quarter of Madison County. This 60 acre park is primarily upland hardwood forest, with some bottom land timber.
A beautiful limestone lime-stone ledged creek, with numerous waterfalls, flows through the entire length of the park. This is an excellent site for deer, turkey and squirrel hunting.

Guye Woods County Park

Guye Woods is located approximately 6 miles northeast of Winterset in the 2400 block of 160th Street. This 93 acre timber tract is bordered on the north by North River. Park visitors are greeted by a 100 foot long cable suspension bridge over North River. The bridge is the only access to this densely timbered wilderness. Excellent site for deer, turkey and squirrel hunting, as well as other small woodland game.

Goeldner Woods

Goeldner Woods is located approximately 5 miles southeast of Earlham in the northwest corner of Madison County. This 44 acre park is primarily upland hardwood forest, with some bottom land timber on the north end of the park adjacent to the North Branch of North River. Good site for deer, turkey and squirrel hunting.