Fellowship Forest

Fellowship Forest was originally established as a Methodist Church youth camp. The area was donated to the Conservation Board’s foundation in 1988. This 60 acre park is managed as both a day-use picnic area as well a public hunting and fishing area. Fellowship Forest consists primarily of upland hardwood forest, with some bottom land timber. A beautiful clear running meandered creek flows the entire length of the park, cascading over numerous limestone outcroppings, creating 3 to 5 foot tall waterfalls.

Facilities & Features

  • 55 Acre Upland Timber
  • 5 Acre Picnic Area
  • Modern Picnic Shelter: Seating capacity of 60, group grill, electrical outlets and lights
  • Pit vault restroom
  • ½ Acre Pond with handicapped accessible fishing dock
  • Handicapped accessible trail from parking lot to fishing dock
  • Hiking Trails


Fishing: The pond is managed as a kids-only designated fishing area. Adults may fish but only youth may keep their catch to maintain the delicate balance in this small fishery.

Hunting: Excellent hunting for White-Tailed deer, turkey, squirrels and other small woodland game.

Trails/Hiking: The trail meanders in a large loop through the west half of the park and is approximately 1 mile in length. It remains fairly level throughout. The trailhead is located on the north end of the pond dam.

Nature Study & Photography: A large variety of spring time woodland wildflowers makes this a good area to explore in late April and early May. This is also an excellent birding area throughout the year. A small creek cascades through the limestone geology of the park creating a number of small waterfalls and exposing layers of limestone, shale, slate and other unique rock formations. Visitors will need to venture off the groomed trail system to explore the unique ecology of the creek found in the valley basin. Be alert for sightings of amphibians and reptile species when exploring the creek area.

Picnicking/Shelter: A modern shelter that seats up to 60 people is located near the parking lot. Electrical outlets and lighting is provided within the shelter as well as a large “hooded” group grill. The shelter may be reserved or used on a first-come/first-serve basis.

Shelter Reservation Fees & Policies                                                           

Click here for information about shelter houses.


Fellowship Forest is located approximately 4 miles southwest of Winterset. From Winterset travel south on U.S. 169 approximately 1 3/4 miles, turn west on Carver Trail and follow standard County Park arrowhead roadside directional signs for 2 1/4 miles.

911 Address: NA
GPS Coordinates (UTM @ parking lot): X:410743 Y:4569940, UTM Zone 15