Jensen Marsh

This 190 acre wildlife area is managed as a natural resource/public hunting area. Due to the diversity of habitats present, Jensen Marsh provides the user with the opportunity of viewing a wide variety of both game and non-game wildlife throughout the year, including waterfowl, upland birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects. A wide variety of native wetland and upland species of forbs, grasses and legumes are also found in these diverse habitats.

Habitat types include wetlands, tallgrass prairie and upland timber. Many of these features can be easily accessed and appreciated from the abandoned railroad right-of-way that runs the entire length (1 1/4 mile) of the park property. Parking areas are available on both ends of the rail trail. Access throughout the park is pedestrian only. Non-motorized boats/canoes are allowed in the wetland areas.

August08 (1)Facilities & Features

  • 80+ Acres of Wetland/Marsh
  • Tallgrass Prairie
  • Upland Timber
  • Abandoned railroad bed hiking trail
  • Parking areas at east and west park entrances


Public Hunting: Excellent site for waterfowl hunting, as well as good to excellent hunting for White-Tailed deer, and turkey. Fair site for pheasant, and other small game.

Bird Watching, Nature Study & Photography: The wetland habitat attracts a wide variety of waterfowl and shore birds throughout the spring, summer and fall. For bird watchers, the rail-trail has native grasses and shrubs to provide concealment and the necessary environment to set up photo opportunities for bird watching. The adjacent prairie and timber provide the user with excellent opportunities to view upland wildlife that venture close to the open marsh area to feed. Binoculars, field scopes and various field guide books are a must when exploring this area. For plant enthusiasts, the high quality of diverse habitats at Jensen Marsh provides an excellent area to conduct vegetative studies with over 150 native plants species currently identified with an ongoing plant inventory.


Jensen Marsh is located approximately 3 miles south of Bevington. Directions to west parking area: 1/2 mile west of Bevington on State Highway 92, then south 2 miles on County Road R-35 (Bevington Park Road), then east on 228th Lane. Directions to east parking area: 1 ½ Miles south on Madison/Warren Avenue, then east ¼ mile on 218th Lane, then south 1 mile on Madison/Warren Avenue (follow standard County Park arrowhead signs).

911 Address: NA
GPS Coordinates (UTM @ west parking lot): X:432880 Y:4575130, UTM Zone 15
GPS Coordinates (UTM @ east parking lot): X:434270 Y:4575645, UTM Zone 15