Area B: Meet the Animals

When you set foot in a nature preserve, what’s the first thing you want to do? “Let me see the animals!” While the visitor is still in the lobby area, local wildlife begins to sneak in, appearing in small callout graphics and graphics within the timeline alongside local human history.

As the visitor enters the exhibit area, the human story immediately reconnects to the natural environment of Pammel Park and the surrounding area with a one-two punch. One: Visitors get their first glimpse of the Pammel Park topographical map feature. Two: They are met with a massive Wall of Wildlife—a huge graphic depicting the diverse habitats and wildlife in Madison County.

Lessons to include:

  • At-a-glance understanding of the biodiversity of Madison County.
  • Where to look for animals — an at-a-glance intro to ecosystems.
  • Ways to identify animals—shape, coloring, remnants including prints, scat, fur, nets, and trails.
  • Introduction to reptiles, including the difference between reptiles and amphibians (and a hint that the center’s amphibians can be found across the room in the Water area).