Coming Soon: Madison County Conservation Center

The Madison County Conservation Center will be a portal to the outdoors, providing an enriched understanding of natural resources through education, exploration and recreation. It will serve to foster care about the natural beauty of Madison County — a landform known as the Southern Iowa Drift Plain, where rolling hills were formed from glacial till and molded by wind-blown loess soils and scouring rivers and streams.

Centrally located within Pammel State Park, the Conservation Center will use natural elements to tell a story about the legacy of our land and how it shaped our civilization.

Building Features

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Madison County has unmatched natural beauty—a landform known as the Southern Iowa Drift Plain—which deserves a conservation center that awe inspires with its natural environment. From its geology and forests, to its waterways, natural grasslands, and wildlife, the extraordinary vision of the conservation center’s planning and design will envelop patrons in a sensory and educational experience of the land.

Overall, the center will house:

  • Dynamic interactive natural resource exhibits that define the majestic beauty and historic geography of Madison County
  • An unparalleled seminar room to accommodate large school groups, professional seminars and community rental space for receptions and celebrations
  • A draw for local, regional and national visitors
  • Low-maintenance, modern classroom, providing much needed site for students involved in lab work and some indoor activities
  • Board/small community room, appropriate for breakout session: small conference meeting and after-hours small community discussions
  • Offices, storage and other support facilities to create efficiencies of having entire staff in one primary location