What role will you play?

At no time in history is outdoor education and environmental stewardship more important. We live in a world of very advancing technology that influences new generations to be less connected to the outdoors. If our children are not connected to the environment, how will they learn about, understand, and take care of it?

The rapid growth of Madison County and its economic vitality are unquestioned. If we are to preserve Madison County’s critical landscapes and habitat through education, it will require broad public support. If our land and water resources are to continue to stand the test of time, people must well understand their benefits and needed protections. Achieving that understanding through captivating learning tools are at the very core of the Conservation Center’s mission and need.

As demonstrated by the rapid growth and active participation in our environmental education programming, it is clear there is a proven desire for learning and a desperate need to expand the infrastructure that supports these programming efforts.

If you too truly believe that we preserve what we cherish, then we hope you would agree that we need people willing to fill the role to support the mission of outdoor education and environmental stewardship.

Gifts of All Sizes are Needed

The contributions of many will combine to form a solid foundation of support. Together we can build a legacy so that future generations will stay connected to the outdoors. All gifts are tax deductible through the Madison County Foundation for Environmental Education with is a 501(c)3 organization. Please click the button to learn how you can donate by check or online.

Or call: (515) 462-3536

in helping raise the $4.5 million for the construction of a quality facility that will spawn curiosity and enhance the visitor’s experience.

for a center that is professionally designed and equipped to educate and intrigue.

to create an experience that demonstrates the fun and joy of being outside.

to build the Madison County Conservation Center for the legacy of our future generations.